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A Brief History of - Sicko CD

A Brief History of - Sicko CD

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Alternate versions, orphan tracks, and a live show. Nothing on this CD is the same at the US full release versions, and unless you bought this from Mutant Pop back in 2000, you probably don't have all of these. For the serious Sicko collector...

Spring 1992 - Alcoholic House Basement
1. fB Song - we thought this song sounded like the Fastbacks and named it after them.
2. Broken String - Denny had a knack for breaking strings…the one-night record is three guitar strings and two bass strings.
3. Pain in the Ass - the first song we ever played together.

Summer 1992 - Jeff's Basement
4. Art Chicks - Ean close to his silliest.
5. Lady - this song predates Sicko. Legend has it a college buddy of Ean and Denny said he could make up a song in 30 seconds. This is what he came up with. We once played it three times in a row at a house party. I don't think anyone noticed.

December 12, 1992 - Egg Studio
6. Kathy's Dance - this song was on that first seven-inch. It was also released on the first eMpTy Records Sampler. This song is about the girl who unwittingly named the band.
7. Count Me Out - Released originally on the Count Me Out seven-inch. Denny must have been sad when he wrote this one.
8. 80 Dollars - not that you could tell, but this one was about a guitar tuner. We originally released it on a split seven-inch with The Mr. T Experience and then, again, as a bonus song on the Japanese version of Chef Boyrudum.

Winter 1993 - Egg Studio
9. Weight of the Sun - one of those songs which we recorded and then quickly forgot. It was released on Campground Records' vinyl-only compilation Viva La Vinyl. Ironically enough, all the records we received were warped.
10. Downhill From Here - a very early song. This one wasn't released anywhere.
11. Along the Way - this one was also released on the first eMpTy Records Sampler.
12. Intro - an early instrumental, which we didn't play particularly well.

August 1996 - Hanzsek Audio
13. Escape Velocity - originally released on the Lookout! Comp Joe Queer's More Bounce to the Ounce.
14. Three Tea - a song about Ean's obsession with tea and tea parties. This one was song one on the Three Tea seven-inch on Mutant Pop Records.
15. Last Word - the second song.
16. Steven - and the third song…about a talking dog.

August 1997 - Hanzsek Audio
17. These Days - our REM cover.
18. Panama - a rather poorly done version of this Van Halen classic. This is what most Sicko practices degenerated into. The dialog in the middle is by Linda and Julie (aka Team Party).

August 6, 1998 - The Pier Stage Two, Seattle, WA (last show)
19. Rehashed
20. When To Quit
21. Mike TV
22. Little
23. High Hopes
24. Ya Ya
25. Kenny
26. Little Star
27. Farm Song
28. Believe
29. An Indie Rock Daydream
30. Dateless Losers
31. A Song About A Rabbit
32. Weasel of Doom

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