Collection: The Knights of Trash

The Knight of Trash are commin' at ya straight outta Seattle, WA. These guys got together in early 2016 with a shared love of the Milkshakes, 90's garage rock and all that influenced the greats that came before them. They started with a full set of classic Milkshakes songs and have written some great originals along the way. That band consists of two wily veterans of the Seattle (and West Coast) garage rock scene to steer the ship and two relative new comers that bring a metric ton of energy and personality. The mixture has produced up a high energy live show and solid original songs with a Medway Delta vibe and executed with a Seattle twist. Yeah sure, you've heard all this shit a thousand times before but the proof is in the show! Come on down and you'll see. Who comes to see The Knights of Trash? Chicks do. What do chicks do at a Knights of Trash show? They dance. Where can you see The Knights of Trash? You can see them in Seattle, Portland, Wenatchee, Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland and wherever else the good shit is going down. What else do you need to know? Put that in your iPad and smoke it!