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The Seattle Pop Punk Festival

This year, the SPPF was January 10, 11, and 12 here in Seattle.  There were 22 bands, 2 bars, and a lot of hugging old friends.  We had lisa marr and the tranzmittors, YFF, cheap cassettes, Ol Doris, shaolin hunks, Wafflestomper, Heck Yes, Phantom Racer, Kids on Fire, The Subjunctives, Dreadful Children, junebugs, Wanna-Bes,  the stand gt, who is she, Smugglers, Hextalls, Amsterdam, Skates, Hilltop Rats, and the Disorderlies.  So Much Fun!

Did you miss the fest?  It's all good... check out the videos on facebook,  and pick up merch here, it will be just like you actually went!