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Lisa Marr with the Tranzmitors 7" Press Kit


Lisa Marr (formerly of Cub) has teamed up with the Tranzmitors (formerly New Town Animals and the Smugglers) to record power pop versions of classic Cub and Fastbacks songs.  This 4 song 7" record will be released at the Seattle Pop Punk Festival on January 11th 2019, and on bandcamp on January 14th.

The record is available for preorder from:

Track List

(All 4 Songs)


The first track on the record is available for anyone to preview via bandcamp.  Please embed this in your review!


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<iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 120px;" src="" seamless><a href="">In The Summer &amp; Magic 8 Ball b/w Pretty Pictures &amp; Salvation by Lisa Marr with the Tranzmitors</a></iframe>

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Liner Notes

This is Top Drawer Records Volume 13, made with lots of love and Meow Mix by Ean Sicko and Alan the cat in the pacific northwest.  Many people helped make this record possible.  Lisa Marr is an artist, a filmmaker, a rock star, and one of the greatest songwriters you’ll ever find.  She was in Cub, get any of their singles or LPs and you will find a whole new world to love.  Lisa sings on every track on this record.  The Tranzmitors are Jeff, Nick, Mike, and Bryce, coming to us from Vancouver pop punk legends The Smugglers and the New Town Animals.  Look those bands up if you don’t know them, they are the real thing: pure energy and joy and humor played fast as you like.  If it sounds effortless and like they’ve been doing this forever, it’s because for them it is, and they have.  They played the music on every track on this record.  Jean Smith is the terrifying, uplifting voice behind Mecca Normal, and also a damn fine painter who was kind enough to donate the sophisticated, brooding art that became the cover.  I’m still pinching myself that I trade emails with Jean.  Pick up a Mecca Normal record, it might scare the hell out of you, you might realize that you’ve finally found your tribe, or both.  On to the songs… side A track 1 is In The Summer, written by Kurt Block for the Fastbacks, and available in it’s original form on their LP Very Very Powerful Motor.  It appears here with permission from Mr. Bloch himself.  Thanks KB!  Side A track 2 and Side B track 1 are Cub songs that appear on LP Box of Hair and double 7” Betti Cola, respectively.  Either one is a cuddle-core gem, and may just change your life like they did mine.  Be careful!  Finally, Side B track 2 is Salvation, an entirely new song from Lisa.  You and I are lucky enough to live in times where things like this are still being made.  You could forgive me for talking about the Smiths, REM, The Who, They Might be Giants, Stone Poneys, and all of the best elegant pop music of the 60’s, and I hope that Lisa will too.  All the profits from this record will go to the Girls Rock Camp Vancouver, a non-profit society that builds self esteem in female youth through music creation and performance.   If you want to get in touch with GRC, please visit: 

I’ve been following all of the musicians involved in this project since the early 1990’s.  Watching them create and perform are among my happiest memories of being a young man in a musical time and place.   Now I have the rare privilege of bringing together music from the Fastbacks and Cub, musicians from Cub and The Smugglers and New Town Animals, and art from the mighty Jean Smith all in one place.   Fortune smiled, and I was lucky enough to be there holding a camera.   


 -Ean Sicko




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