Trash Sound Conglomerate - Press Kit

Trash Sound Conglomerate Press Kit

for: Miracle of Science b/w History Class 7"

release date: 5/17/2024


Side A: Miracle of Science

Side B: History Class


    In a way, Trash Sound Conglomerate embodies the quintessential Seattle rock story: 3 dreamers relocate to Seattle from far flung American cities, find one another via a craigslist ad, and bond over shared tastes, record collecting, and a love of touring. Instant band. In other ways, they break that mold entirely: TSC are not a pack of identically dressed white dudes with the same Ramones LPs hustling for a record deal. Rather, they are a part of a fresh new wave of women, queer and trans people standing up in the punk arena and KILLING IT.

    TSC shares equal amounts of love for The Descendents and Black Flag, The Marked Men and Jawbreaker, The Ergs! and Joyce Manor, My Morning Jacket and Ween, and yes… The Ramones as well. This pastiche of influence drives out a sound that veers dangerously between hardcore, sugary pop punk, and alty noise-pop. Maybe not in the way you would think either: TSC don't just drop a bit of hardcore into a pop punk song, they'll earworm you with pop in one song, and then hammer you with hardcore in the next. This 7" captures that aesthetic neatly: a-side Miracle of Science is pure pop sugar, b-side History Class is a furious hardcore banger your inner 16 year old needs.

    Each member of the band contributes songwriting, singing, lyrics, and arranging, keeping the sound fresh and they move from song to song. Lyrically, Trash Sound lace humor and cynicism with a thread of hostility. The band admit that "the unfortunate situation is that there is stuff to be angry about. Our anger feels more effective when we mask it with our sardonic wit (fart noise)". TSC have a lot to say, and aren't shy about feeling a lot of feelings, but also possess the sense of balance to apply a dash of levity now and again.

    This short run, hand numbered, collector focused release is available on magenta or bone vinyl, and the first 50 copies are signed by the band.

    Recorded by Evan Easthope at Completely Small Greenglass Studio, out on Ean Sicko's Top Drawer Records.

    Also available from Top Drawer are Trash Sound Conglomerate's first LP Constant Crisis, evil cat t-shirts, and SICK hoodies.

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