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Sicko Breakdown Mug

$ 15.00

Here's the story...we were on our first tour across the country in a van procured at the last minute from the just-broke-up Zip Gun. Just past Missoula, Montana we broke down with a crapped-out alternator. We were towed to the nearest town, Deer Lodge, which has, apparently, a gas station and a state prison. It was Sunday so they towed us to outside the auto repair place and we spent the rest of the day and night in our van,  eating out of the gas station convenience store. In the middle of the night we were roused awake by some local police officers making sure we weren't up to no good.

The next morning we were talking to the auto repair guy and he asked us what we were doing. We explained we were a band on tour traveling across the country. His response was, "Sounds like fun, but it sure don't look like it." Pretty much sums it up dunnit?

11oz or 15oz sizes, white ceramic.

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